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Just a quick note of appreciation. I'm using your software for a student I teach who has many learning difficulties, but he is thrilled (and motivated) to be working with your software. Please continue the excellent work, and best of luck going forward.
Ed, Canada.

We are a homeschool family and we have been using your site for nearly 10 months now...we think you're great!

Keep up the fantastic work you do!
Warmest Regards
Sarah, New Zealand

I have been using your programs for years now and am really glad for a chance to say how FAB they are. They are better than any other I've found for educational purposes and a fraction of the price. All the kids who have used them at my school LOVE them and I think you are a very very clever man!!
Trisha , UK

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free DVD with word search educational software

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Junior Wordsearch Maker

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Wordsearch Maker - software download
Colours and size of screenshot reduced to fit page

Suitable for UK Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - USA 1st to 12th Grade (Age 5 - adult)

Recommended Minimum System: PC, Windows 95/NT4 or better e.g. XP, Vista, Windows 7, (Mac users click here), with 16MB Ram, Pentium 166, Sound Card.

Create your own word searches with this simple program. Print it out or try it within the program. Word searches can be saved to finish or open at another time. Includes an uninstall facility. Compressed file size - 702 KB. See my Wordsearch Maker for the larger version.

For help with downloading and installing, click here

How To Use

A very simple tool for making Word Searches, which can be saved, printed and even tried without having to print out. This Junior Edition has a smaller 8x8 grid than the larger versions Word Search Maker or Word Search Maker II which have a 15x15 grid and space for longer and more words.

On the first screen click on either the UPPERCASE WORD SEARCH or lowercase word search button depending whether you want to make and try word searches in upper or lower case. Saved word searches can be loaded in upper or lower case regardless of which case they were made in.

On the main edit screen you will see a grid of squares. You will notice that there is one red coloured square which follows your mouse pointer over the grid. If you click on this red square it will lock in place and turn green. This is where your word will start. To unlock the square simply click it again and it will turn red and follow the mouse pointer again.

You will also notice that this square has a small arrow which points in the direction of where you want your word to appear on the grid. If you right mouse click on the coloured square you will see the arrow changing direction. Whichever direction the arrow is pointing is the direction your word will take when the square is locked (turned green) and you type a letter on your computer's keyboard. Typing a letter automatically moves the locked square on one step in the direction of its arrow. The letter will also appear in the first line of the Word List on the left. To correct a word in the grid, simply place and lock (as above) the green square over the letter and retype the correct letter or press the space bar for a blank square.

If you would rather enter your list first, then move the mouse pointer off the grid and simply type in your word list in the boxes provided. You can move between the boxes by pressing the Tab key or just clicking in any one with the mouse pointer. The easiest way to complete the list is to do both at the same time i.e. click and lock a square on the grid, choose the direction you want and press the letter which will appear on the grid and in the list. When you have finished a word click the green box to turn it red and the edit box cursor will automatically move to the next box in the Word List.

Once you have entered all the words you want to (maximum 9) then you can get the program to fill in the blank squares with a random letter by selecting Auto-fill in the top menu under Options. This can take a few seconds depending on the speed of your processor, so a progress bar will show and then disappear when the job has been completed.

In the top left of each screen is a Cross button to close the program and a Minimise button which will drop the program to your Taskbar so that you can open another program.

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free educational software DVD

100% Genuine Feedback

Thanks for the TERRIFIC software at a great price!
Suzanne, USA

I've been a happy Olltwit user for years - I downloaded several of your programs back in '04, for my older son to use. Now it's time for my younger son to use them, and I've come back to your site to find 1) I owe you, and 2) you have more great stuff. I'm happy to pay up because I know the quality of your programs.
Mary Beth, Indiana, USA

We got your DVD and its fab!

Many thanks
Lorrane, Scotland

Thank you for creating these programs.

I have ADHD like your son, Richard, and got really much help from your great educational programs.
Paal, Norway

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free DVD of word search and other educational software

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